What's the difference between Salt nice and Freebase?


Salt Nicotine is naturally extracted from tobacco leaf. It has a much higher absorption rate, you can generally feel the hit within 10 seconds and has very little throat hit in comparison to Freebase.


Freebase Nicotine is artificially made nicotine, It takes around 4 minutes for you to feel the hit. It has a much more pronounced throat hit and feels very similar to a cigarette.


What is the difference between high VG liquids and high PG liquids?


50/50 liquids have a much more watery consistency, this liquid is what you would use for Mouth to Lung devices as they tend to have smaller intakes on the coils. When you get in the realms of even higher PG liquids you will notice its more scratchy on the throat.


VG70/PG30 liquids tend to feel smoother on the throat due to the higher VG content. VG thickens up the juice and helps cloud production, these liquids tend to be associated with Sub Ohm vaping.


Why can’t I get 18mg in a 100ml bottle?


Due to regulations put in place in 2017 “TPD” anything over 10ml in size cannot contain nicotine and with the way nicotine shots are regulated you would end up watering down your e liquid too much to the point of no taste.


In 100/50ml the highest nicotine level you can get it to is around 6mg, anymore and you’ll start to dilute the flavour.


Priming a coil.


To prime a coil take your bottle of e liquid and go around the cotton until saturated. I always prime a coil and flick off the residual liquid, this ensures that you’re not going to burn your coil out if you accidentally push the button after a change before its had time to wick.


Why charging a vape correctly will save you heart ache.


Most vapes if they are Micro USB will only handle a 5v 1amp charge so using an iPhone or android wall plug will end up ruining the battery. Most vapes recently have moved to USB C which allows for faster charging i.e 5v 2amp, this being said always check your instruction manual to see the charging perimeters to know exactly what charge to use.


Leaving your vape charging overnight can also shorten the battery life.


Appropriate Wattage for coil life.


If a coil says 20w - 30w just because it can do 30w doesn’t mean you have to, pushing them to the limit will shorten life time.


Why does my Vape leak more in the summer?


E liquid when hot is less viscous “less thick” which will make it absorb faster through the cotton. A prime example of where not to leave your vape is in a car on a hot day, you will return to an empty tank.


My Vape gurgles at me and shoots hot liquid in my mouth, what can I do?


Take the tank/pod off the mod and give it a good flick so the excess juice comes off the coil. This tends to happen after leaving it for a few days unused, to prevent this try using it daily or store without juice in.




Vape companies warranty times


Voopoo: 3 Months

Tesla: 1 Year

Smok: 6 Months

Innokin: 3 Months

Aspire: 6 Months

Lost Vape: 6 Months

Dotmod: Limited Life Time

Dovpo: 6 Months

Vaporesso: 3 Months

Geek Vape: 1 Year

Joy: 3 Months

Uwell: 6 Months

Nevoks: 3 Months


Nicotine levels and relevant wattages “recommended”




0mg: 8w - 200w

3mg: 8w - 140w

6mg 8w - 80w

12mg 8w - 24w

18mg 8w - 20w


Salt Nicotine


Salt Nicotine


5mg: 8w - 40w

10mg: 8w - 35w

20mg 8w - 20w