Dr Salt - Twisted 3x10ml Pack

by Dr Salt


Pineapple ice cream with strawberry and lemon fruit ice with a hint of lemon and lime.

From the moment I opened the bottle I was greeted by the delightful smells of pineapple, strawberry, lime and lemon and this gave me a wonderful feeling of anticipation as I took my first vape. The flavour is simply…. lovely and you can certainly pick out the entire range of ingredients when vaping.

On the inhale you get pineapple and strawberry, and this is followed on the exhale by a hint of sweet lemon and a touch of zesty lime which leaves you with a very pleasant, mouth-watering sensation. The combination is extremely smooth due to the included ice cream and I could certainly see myself vaping this particular flavour often, because it is excellent!

Throat hit was medium in 5mg strength and I was perfectly satisfied with the generous vapour production.

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