Dr Salt - Olympic Dream 3x10ml Pack

by Dr Salt

Olympic Dream

Blueberry and Pomegranate

I am not really a massive fan of pomegranate unless it is well mixed with another flavour but I must admit, I did really enjoy this flavour. On the inhale you can pick out the sweet taste of blueberry and this is then followed by a well-balanced pomegranate on the exhale. Both of the ingredients tasted very natural and I think it would be perfectly suitable as an all-day vape!

This was actually the one flavour which I received in 20mg strength and I was really expecting it to completely floor me but strangely enough it did not. I certainly got a serious nicotine rush but I found I could still vape it in a dripper without any adverse effects. Granted I only vaped a small amount but the actual throat hit while stronger than the 5mg I felt compared to a typical 6mg or 12mg E-Liquid. It wasnt at all harsh and was surprisingly smooth. Its a bit hard to say for sure how strong it would be in 5mg strength so Ill cover myself by saying it is potentially medium to strong. Vapour production was very good.

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