SMOK - Baby Prince - (Marble Bubble + Drip Tip)


SMOK Acrylic Bulb Tube with Acrylic Drip Tip is designed for the TFV12 Baby Prince Tank. Different from the traditional cylindrical drip tip, this new acrylic drip tip has radian on its body, making it more suitable to your mouth. And the bulb acrylic tube has the colorful and high-pellucidity appearance, you can clearly see the e-juice through it. More importantly, it uses high quality acrylic, which ensures non-toxic and high temperature resistance.

Capacity: 4.5ml/5ml
Compatibility: Compatible with SMOK TFV12 Baby Prince Tank,
TFV8 Baby Tank (Standard edition only),
TFV8 Baby Tank Carbon Fiber Edition (Standard edition only),

Enlarge capacity to 4.5ml (TFV12 Baby Prince Tank)
Enlarge capacity from 3ml to 5ml (
TFV8 Baby Tank)  


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