DotMod AIO - The Billet Box killer?

Posted by Drew Tucker on

Where to begin? Dotmod have been in the game for a long time, Manufacturing in San Diego they quickly grew to the size where manufacturing needed that Chinese touch and speed. As a company they are renowned for their quality and lifetime warranty. That’s right a lifetime warranty which makes other Vape brands "cough" "cough" VooPoo look terrible. Whether it's Mod's, Tank's or RTA's these guys have had a go at it and nailed it every time. Which leads us to the Dotmod AIO.

So my AIO arrived and the first thing i notice is the awesome box with absolutely no tpd warnings on, also there was a lovely sticker attached to the side apologising for the lack of a ceramic coil. The note went on to say that they had included a extra 0.3ohm mesh coil for the inconvenience which I thought was a lovely touch, you wouldn't catch Smok doing that.


What's in the box? In the box there is the Mod, 1 Mesh coil 0.3ohm, 1 1.6ohm Ceramic coil, A Nautilus coil adapter, MTL tip and a swanky type c usb charger. There is also the warranty card with the serial number on it, printed on that nice card they use.




Anyone who's used a Billet box will understand how amazing the design is, the tanks internal so this stops the age old problem of broken glass. Dotmod have taken inspiration from the Billet box and improved on it. The overall size is lot less but still allows the use of a single 18650 battery. Instead of a 80w Dna chipset dotmod have opted for the dotCHIP which has 4 power modes and a very efficient dry hit prevention mode.

Is it any good? I’ve owned one for just over a month now and all i can say is I'm impressed. Before i got the AIO I owned an Orion Dna, which I absolutely loved because it finally got me to quit smoking. The Orion didn't do much for flavour but its convenience is what made it so good, its tiny and charges extremely quick. The AIO is a little larger but its flavour and battery life is unrivalled, using the ceramic coil I get two days of life out of it. Both the coils are extremely good and the flavour is out of this world. I’ve been vaping on a Ceramic coil for 3 weeks and its only just now started to lose its flavour. I tried the Mesh coil for a couple weeks but I found for me a Nic Salt user that it was to strong even for a 10mg. Yet again the flavour is extremely good and it was half way through the second week when the flavour started to drop off.

What's next? Dotmod have said that they are currently designing a RBA for it which would be a lovely little touch as the cost of coils is practically nothing at this point. It also allows people to put whatever build they see fit in it and get exactly what they want out of the device. What ever else is next as anyone's guess though there's one thing i know it's probably going to be good and make this device even better than it already is.